A leisurely walk in nature reveals beautiful plants, seasonal flowers, and sturdy trees.  While our eyes are drawn to the beauty of the colors or the magnitude of the branches high in the air, the source of strength, stability, nourishment, and even protection for plants and trees comes from the root system in the ground below.

Fascinating, isn’t it, that the gorgeous plant or a giant tree gets its life and health from an unseen root. It’s not what is seen but what is actually invisible that is the source of life and vitality.

Our spiritual lives are similar.  I think that’s why the Bible uses so many analogies with roots and plants.  While people see and observe our outward actions and appearances, it’s actually the unseen roots, the spiritual roots that abide deep in our souls, which lead, guide, protect, and direct our lives.

Thus, it’s critical to make sure our roots are embedded in grace, truth, love, compassion, and hope of the Lord.  Though different, the ancient city of Colossae, faced temptations and challenges to root their lives in faith.  In many ways, their challenges are still our challenges today.

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