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We are jumping into a new sermon series that began on January 10, 2021 so that we can wrestle with how to honor the greatest two commandments our God has given to us: Love God and love our neighbors as ourselves.

Click Here for the scripture reference of Matthew 22:34-40

To begin, Rev. Amy challenged us to think about how we go about loving God day after day.

She let us know that Jesus is found in Matthew 22 quoting an Old Testament text from Deuteronomy 10:12, which reminds us that loving the Lord means to fear the Lord, walk daily with the Lord, and serve the Lord!

Rev. Amy connected loving the Lord with all of your heart with fearing the Lord. To fear God is to be in total AWE of what God has been, is doing, and will keep doing in your life and in the world around you! To fear the Lord is to recognize God as Father, Creator, and Savior! When our hearts fear the Lord and recognize God’s majesty, our hearts are more prone to desire wisdom and grow in loving God!

To love the Lord is also to walk daily with the Lord! To be in a relationship and do life with someone DAILY brings you closer to one another. So how do we walk daily with God? How do we connect daily to God? Perhaps praying with God, reading God’s holy word, seeking goodness and purity in what our minds consume, and stopping to be aware of the presence of God each day will open the doors of your mind AND heart to become more susceptible to God’s love every day!

Lastly, loving God can and should lead us to find ways to serve God and serving others! God made the body THEN breathed a living soul into us (See Genesis 2:7). Our living and breathing soul is created to love and SERVE God. Therefore our life, our actions, our service, the THINGS WE SPEND OUR TIME DOING – can ALL reflect AND spread the LOVE OF GOD!!!

In Matthew 22, Jesus encourages us to truly love God, self, and neighbor so that we can naturally keep the commandments and naturally love others with a transformative type of love that changes the world. The world could use some RADICAL CHANGE, don’t you think? The change starts with me and it starts with you. Are we loving our God with all of our heart? Are we walking with our God daily so that this world does not conform our minds, rather God’s love does the transforming? Are we loving God with our souls by actively serving the Lord with our LIFE, our actions, our deeds? Friends, the world needs us to listen to Jesus’ commandments.

Because our love for this world is DIRECTLY related to the loving relationship we each have with God, It is time to LOVE GOD WITH ALL OF HEARTS, MINDS, and SOULS. So, let God into your heart, love God with your mind by seeking God daily, and love God with your soul by serving because what the world needs now, is love. God’s love. Amen.


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  1. Tara Anderson
    Tara Anderson says:

    Thank you for this post. What a good idea to have a recap 2 days out. My favorite part was:
    Are we walking with our God daily so that this world does not conform our minds, rather God’s love does the transforming? Are we loving God with our souls by actively serving the Lord with our LIFE, our actions, our deeds?
    Thanks for all you do.

    • Amy Castro
      Amy Castro says:

      It is our pleasure! We really want to keep doing and GROWING in all the ways we can reach people! This is just another way we can keep sharing the gospel! We LOVE that you LOVE this new way of outreach and that you LOVE the Lord!!

  2. Melissa Authement
    Melissa Authement says:

    This entire worship kept me in total AWE. And this addition of notes on the sermon is a wonderful way to help keep me connected and drawing on His message throughout the week (&longer if I want).
    One of my take-aways….. God “breathed” life into His creation (us); He breathed Himself into us!

    • Amy Castro
      Amy Castro says:

      Thank you so much for these perspectives!!!
      I will admit, one of my favorite revelations from this week was from Genesis 2:7. A lifeless body became a living and breathing creation ONCE GOD BREATHED LIFE INTO THE SOUL…ahhh so rich! This soul meant to serve and be served, to love and be loved…SUCH GOODNESS!!!! I am so thrilled to begin this journey with the Church with sermon recap type blogs! We are going to have some fun pressing into God’s word together!!


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