CHRIST OR CHAOS:  4 Tips for the Holy and Hectic Holidays

Christmas is supposed to be the most joyful and peaceful time of the year…but if we’re honest, the Holidays often create a sentiment closer to this expression:


Consider these 4 holiday tips to help you experience Christ instead of Chaos!

  • Go to church: Sounds like a simple pastoral cliché, but the most important way to avoid the potential chaos of December is to worship the One who is often lost in the holiday frenzy.  Picture the beautiful decorations in the sanctuary, see the Advent candles flickering with light, hear the sacred music, feel the holy nostalgia…..worshiping God comforts, inspires, and warms the deepest parts of our soul.  A guaranteed way to live in a month of Chaos is to neglect the worship of God…don’t allow holiday busyness to rob your soul of the Christ-child and the most beautiful worship expressions of the year.
  • Love is a Wonderful Gift:  Instead of standing in line or being stuck in traffic for hours, fill a mug with hot chocolate, curl up with your spouse on the couch, and watch a Christmas classic.  Don’t fear you haven’t bought enough for the kids…your children probably don’t need one more gift, they need uninterrupted time with you.  Unplug the devices, come home early, cook your favorite meal, and watch Chevy Chase try and hang those lights! Or, break out a deck of cards or a board game, put on some Christmas music, and have family night of love and laughter! Don’t be afraid to keep it simple.  Families laughing together will echo longer than gifts that will be outgrown, broken, or become outdated.
  • Be filled with Child-like wonder:  Remember those feelings of awe and wonder from our childhood…you know, those exhilarating emotions the stress of life erodes away?  Re-enter the Christmas experience as a child…be still and meditate on the manger scene; close your eyes and picture the heroic journey of Mary and Joseph; turn off the radio and marvel at the beautiful sights and lights displayed as you drive home; see the infant Jesus and contemplate the radiance and majesty of Emmanuel, God is with us.
  • Serve:  Nothing will combat the Chaos (and potential debt) of commercialization than serving those in need. There is considerable brokenness in our community and if we don’t help alleviate that suffering, we’ve missed a significant part of Christmas. There are countless opportunities to collect canned goods or heavy coats, volunteer at a soup kitchen, or sing carols in a nursing home. Consider serving as a family by collecting loose change for Salvation Army buckets, shopping together for an Operation Christmas Child box, or inviting a widow or family with a deployed spouse over for a hot meal. Christmas is scarred by an innkeeper with no room…let us make room in our hearts and serve those in need.

These 4 tips can help us all find Christ instead of Chaos!  Click HERE for a message to get you in the Christmas spirit!  Join us for worship at 9:00 or 11:00 during this holy season!